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Voor elke meeting een geschikte ruimte
Voor elke meeting een geschikte ruimte

Meeting rooms

  • Meeting rooms

    Urker room

    The Urker room is our permanent boardroom and is suitable for a maximum of 8 people and has a lot of daylight through a window and skylight.
    With the BENQ system you can easily present wirelessly on the screen, even with several laptops at the same time.

    Given the size of the room, this room is ideal for various conversations and small gatherings.

    To be able to guarantee 1.5 meters away in this meeting room, it is possible to meet with up to 4 people

  • Meeting rooms

    Friesland room

    The Friesland room is a spacious, long room with plenty of daylight. The room is equipped with air conditioning. Looking out over the vast polder landscape, this is the perfect room to express your ideas!

    Located next to our IJssel, Flevo and Emmeloord hall, this room is also extremely suitable as a subsession.

    To guarantee 1.5 m, this room is currently suitable for the following number of people

    Block: 12 people

    Theatre: 15 people

  • Meeting rooms

    IJssel room

    The IJssel room is a spacious, bright room with many different options in terms of layout. The room has air conditioning so that you can have successful conversations, whatever the weather.

    Based on 1.5 meters we can place the following setups:

    Block: 8 people

    U-shape: 8 people

  • Meeting rooms

    Flevo room

    The Flevo room is an L-shaped room in which all configurations are possible. This room is not only suitable for a meeting, presentation or training, but it is also the perfect room for a private party evening or dinner. Spacious yet intimate and fully equipped!

    Based on the 1.5m, we can place the following setups in the room:

    U-shape: 12 people

    Block setup: 12 people

    Cabaret: 20 people

    Dinner: 28 persons

    Theatre: 30 people

  • Meeting rooms

    Emmeloord room

    Our largest room is the Emmeloordzaal. This spacious and bright room offers many possibilities for your meeting, training or event.

    Please feel free to contact us on or via +31 (0) 527 6123 45 for more information or a no-obligation quote.